The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Easter week!!  Lots of fun things planned. Here is a sand table full of noodles, bunnies, baby chicks, eggs, and carrots.

 Easter cards and Easter stickers.  Some are giving to their mommys, and some are giving to the Easter bunny.

 Painting with Purple, Blue, and Yellow peeps.  The peeps have been sitting on the counter all week and the kids have been waiting to open them.  They knew they Miss Karri was going to let them eat one. Just enough left over for everyone.

Music Time is always nice to have when I'm getting things ready for our next project.  If I just tune the noise  out, and boy do they get loud.  But this will keep them busy for quite some time.

We are learning the story of Peter the Cottontail.  Then we discussed about Peter going into the garden when he was told not to.  The kids said he was naughty...and he went in the garden anyway.
So after the Peter Cottontail story I asked the kids to help me think of a funny story and I started it by saying
"I was walking down the street and I saw...............
This is what the kids all came up with....
"Eggs and jellybeans.  I stopped.....and I found more and more and more jellybeans then I went home a long long way.  My mom said I told you don't go in the garden and I disobeyed.  Momma put me in bed in time out."    And that was their funny story.

 Just love this picture of Emma. She is going somewhere on a trip with her baby into another center.  The kids had extra Easter baskets to play with this week and they filled them with all kinds of things.  But check out the scarf and the hat.  Priceless!!

We are getting ready to get messy,,,I unrolled some paper for our egg cracking experiment.  While I was dividing the eggs the kids took some time to decorate their paper.

 Here we go, 2 kids to a paper and about 10 eggs, a basket, and a bowl.  Time to have some fun!!  We usually don't let the kids crack the eggs when we are cooking.  So this is so fun for them to crack, squish around, mix the shells in the yolk, and then stir up with a fork.

 Lots of laughs and ewww noises!!  If I let them they would have played in the eggs forever.

 Ohh yes I sent quite a few outfits home today.  They were covered in egg. But its all so worth the fun.

 Everyone's paper looked like this when they were finished.  I couldn't even let the kids back in the room until it was cleaned and moped.  Ohhhh what a mess!!


  1. Karri, I love looking at your Blog and seeing the neat things you do with our child. We are so blessed to have someone that takes such good care of our child in our absence! Have a wonderful easter weekend with your family. See you Monday! The Staiert's...

  2. This is awesome, Karri! I appreciate the time you spend with the kids and all the neat learning activities you do with them - especially the really messy ones! :o) You are a wonderful blessing to me and Maggie as well!! Thank you! Angelin