The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Apples Apples Everywhere

Apples are one of our favorite fruits.  We learned where apples grow from, the pretty blossom they form before they turn into an apple, and when they are ready to be picked for us to eat.
Red, Green, Yellow, and Pink apples are the variety of apples we get to choose from.

We painted apples, played with homemade cinnamon apple play dough, sprinkled cinnamon on our apple pies, made oatmeal apple pies in the sand table, created a apple book, counted apple seeds, and ate lots of yummy apples.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Everyone has a family....who do you have in your family....where do families live, what do families do we treat our family?

Looks like someone just finished playing in the sand/water table filled with flour.

How to wash a little brother or sister.  How to gently take care of them.

Our friendship for us and one for our best friend.

What does your family look like?  Does dad have hair, what color? What color clothes does mom wear?  Do you have a brother, a sister, a dog?

Our families :))