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Friday, October 20, 2017

Kids Love Dirt Hills

Backyard Pumpkin Patch

 So I had this idea.....bringing the pumpkin patch to the backyard since I can not provide transportation for 10 children...nor would I even want that responsibility.  To scary!!
I started my search online looking for a free pallet, then trips to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, etc.  For the last month Ive been picking stuff up here and there. Plus I also have an abundance of halloween stuff around the house. My husband also gives me the opportunity to come up with a great ideas and then he helps me fulfill them by using his skills.  He's amazing with what he can do.....I just feel so blessed so often having him in my life.

This is our Patch...hope you enjoy.  The kids had a week of this and we were fortunate to have nice weather.  Everyone picked out the perfect pumpkin to take home for their porch and we had a sack lunch picnic outside.  How cool it that....a picnic at the patch...well the kids thought that lol