The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wiggleeey Squishy Worms

The best and most exciting thing to put in our sand water table....LIVE WORMS.  We had goggles, safety glasses, and large plastic tweezers.  The kids were jumping up and down, screaming with fear and excitement, laughing so loud, it was a moment of laughter all around the room.

Lia is not excited all all to be close to the worms,,,a child tried to give her one and scooted back so fast and the fear in her face was soooo sad :(

Andrew has housed all the worms in his massive dirt pile he put together....all the kids were like " Miss Karri I can't find any worms"  So Andrew started to disperse th

Drextyn is looking real hard for a worm but all the the worms are now covered in dirt and hard to locate.

Goin On a Bird Nest Hunt


Here is our bird habitat.  We also have a real nest, along with a real egg in our glass jar.

Here we go on our bird nest hunt.  What do we need to build a nest.....

Water are our rules for when we go on a walk.....

Hold hands when crossing the street,
Look for cars,
Don't run away,

The excitement when we found the pine cone tree...

Ohhhh No Jaxon lost his bag that he needs to gather his bird nest items

First you draw a U then connect it at the top, then add another U inside his body for more feathers.....add feathers on the side, eye, beak, and legs.

Building a bird house, with rocks, grass, wood, and anything else the boys could find.

Our birdhouses to hang in the window with the sun.