The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

                           SHAVE SHAVE SHAVING CREAM

Beatrice was not sure about this shaving cream, she did stick her fingers in it and laughed every time, but never looked like the boys covered in white cream.


                                                       We also practiced writing our names.

                                                A hotwheel and a bottle of shaving cream, you would never think a kid
                                                can sit here and stay so entertained for so long.

                                   Can you only imagine.... how the room smelt like a man shaving.  The scent was still
                                    there while we were eating lunch.
WASH WASH WASH your hands from all that shaving cream.

Porcupines that are part of our forest animals.
Today we made racoon puppets that turned out so cute. 
Racoons eat anything they hunt for and sleep during the day.  Their claws help them climb trees and they are fast.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

came to visit us.
As she was setting up the kids were just watching and patiently waiting to see what was all in the cages.  She brought birds, frogs, millipede, rabbit, hissing crockroach, salamander, ferrot, snakes, etc.  We couldn't wait for this day to come.  Our friend Mandi and her kids also joined in on the fun. We also learned so much about each bug as we got to feel and pet them.  If you didn't want to touch one then you just put your hand in front of your face.  Then she will know.  This was great.  It gave the kids an opportunity to learn and touch  these creatures.  I was suprised they were not very afraid.  What about that big rat though, or the snake?  We also got to hear some sounds from the bird.  They did know how to talk, but we only heard him make the telephone ring sound.