The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Sunday, January 11, 2015

We Just Wanna Go Outside and Exercise....Stuck Inside :(

SNOW Week!!!

Penquins and igloos.....match the #s so the penquin can be inside the igloo.

Couldn't decided what I wanted the kids to have in the sand water table this week....I remember having flour in here for snow and the kids really enjoyed it.  So I went to Sams and purchased the biggest bag of flour they had and added snowman and snowflake cookie cutters along with colanders, cups, bowls, etc.  I must say the table was never unoccupied through the week. The downfall of the flour... the kids were covered in white...but as the day went on the white would start to disappear off the clothes.  So it was so worth the mess.

Sometimes work gets so busy and I forget everything that needs to be course I forgot to take a picture of this final is going to be a snowman in a snow globe with their name on the globe holder.

A game of trying to find the nose in the shaving cream and glitter.  Most of the orange foam noses had glitter all over them,,,,so they would really sparkle.