The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Monday, June 18, 2012

Water Play

Ocean Life

Painting a jellyfish, that we will add googly eyes to.

Oatmeal legs for our octopus.

Painting an ocean with our fingers then adding ocean stickers, like blowfish, coral, sharks, bubbles, etc.

Our library shelf is full of ocean books :)

 Allen is really getting into these floor puzzles.  He did put the whole puzzle together. Yeah!!

STARFISH with cheerios

Water with a little blue food coloring and some straws to blow the ocean water around to make waves and bubbles.  The kids really enjoyed this and all I can hear was  glurp glurp glurp.

Monsters and Healthy Eating

LUNCH TIME....we have been doing finger lunches once a week during the summer.  I have really been trying to improve on Healthy Eating since I provide the majority of food to your children during the day. Since our program was accepted in the grant we have been changing quite a few things on what or how we eat and prepare our foods.  So now we are working on a program called the 2 Bite Club. This encourages everyone to take 2 bites of everything on their plate.  We also discuss what is healthy and why.  The kids will know what you are talking about.  We also read a book on the 2 Bite Club, in which it shows kids trying a variety of foods in the different food groups.  So since we started this finger lunch the kids pick this as their favorite.  This is great considering they have a healthy variety of good foods.

Sandwich, whole grain sun chips, and a large variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Cooking for Miss Karri but  healthy foods!!
Veggies that are grown from the garden