The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's Spring Time

Our weather has been absolutely beautiful!!  I can not wait for next month to get our new playground  equipment.  We have $700 to spend from our first grant.  I'm looking at a rock climbing wall from Little Tykes.  Also applied for another physical activity grant and we will know next month if we get approved for $500.  Keep our fingers crossed!!

Changing Weather

We are discussing all types of weather.  During  circle time the kids came up with so many different kinds.  Rain, Sun (Hot), Windy, Rain clouds, tornadoes, snow, thunder and lightning, cold, etc.  Thought it would be a good week since Wichita had a few tornadoes this past weekend.  Blessing that everyone is okay!  
We also have a new weather kit that we put in our garden.  It gives N, E, S, W.  Jay's family lives in Newton so he asked which direction is Newton. :)  

Here are some umbrellas the we painted with water colors and then added a straw.

An update on our gardening pots.  They are growing so fast, it is so exciting.

Okay I really need to get our vegetable bought and planted in our raised garden, I've already weeded and fertilized and its been ready to go. There is so much going on so I am so thankful  the kids will be doing most of the work in the garden.

 Our own little weather chart.  We have the sun, wind, rain, and lightning.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Science Experiment

Making volcanoes on a rainy day!!  It would be so nice to live in good weather all year round.  Today has been one of those crazy days! The kids pulled all the chairs to the windows and watched the rain pour ad the thunder roared!!  With all the excitement the kids were so loud.  So we did this experiment but it got even lounder with the ahhhhs and eeeewwws.  This was so cool to them!  So we did this about 6 or 7 times round.  I think we need to add a full week a few times a year of just all science experiments.

All the kids had a chance to smell the stinky vinegar.

Our grass is really growing, its almost time to give them a haircut!!!

Planting lima beans! We wrapped the beans in a wet paper towel and set them in the window for a few weeks.  Then they sprouted so it was time to plant the beans in soil.  We didn't have enough room in the window for these since our grass is there, so I sent them home.  I explained to the kids they will grow in the sun with water.

Head shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes, eyes and ears and mouth and nose, head shoulders knees and toes.  This is great physical activity at circle time especially when we can't go outside.

Sometimes we just don't have enough jobs for all the kids everyday, so I end up thinking of some real fast.  If I don't they get upset when there is no chore for them.  This is something the kids really look forward to doing everyday.  Well Maggie is helping in our circle time today, asking the kids what letters she is holding up. She felt real special doing a big people's job!

Ohhh what FUN SHAVING CREAM and cars!!

 Tristan was clapping his hands and said it was snow falling!  The great thing about this is it makes the room smell good and cleans our tables.

Around the room pics!