The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Transportation all week!!

I wasn't looking forward to the transportation theme week, but now just a couple days into it and we are all having a blast with it.  What does transportation mean?  Not an easy word for the little ones.  Now when I ask I get answers like "airplane, train, school bus, bike, car, helicopter, race car" etc.  Our first project was making a race car out of toilet paper tube.

 A little bleach/water spray to make a cool design and some paper towels to have a clean table again.  Water colors from Discount School Supply, only a $1 when on sale.

Lets look at the map, see where we are going to travel to, how we are gonna get there, and also look at where we came from Wichita, Kansas.

 It took me about 10 to 20 minutes to make roads, garages, houses and parking lots with masking tape.

 All we have out right now is cars, trucks, and buses.  Let them drive the roads for awhile then we will bring out our new ramps that were homemade from a friend.  Then add the blocks from the block center.  Ohhh what a fun day we had.  To sit back and just watch them as they would build their structures, park in their little driveways that are attached to their house made from the masking tape, or just drive around the road to end up back at their house.  They just didn't want anyone else parking at their house.

 Barron worked on his house for quite some time, trying to make it just perfect.  First he used the ramps as the roof and then he decided he wanted to drive down a slope off the house.

                                 Can you see Jay's lips as he makes the sound of a car go?

                          Okay so I'm thinking Emma knows the camera, she is posing for

Beatrice had the greatest idea and she beat everyone to it.  Filled up her masking tape house with the furniture

Coloring tools that people use to work on cars and working on our cutting skills.

 Allen was the first done with his snack so he snuck over here and started building him a block house with blocks from everyone else's much time left anyway the day was almost over.  It was time to rip up all the masking tape, the kids wanted to leave it, but I was scared for the carpet.  Tommorrow we will be having a car wash instead.

 Dorian entertaining the kids or maybe entertaining himself!  They are all attacking him and Allen is trying to save him by pulling his shoe laces thinking he would be rescued from the kids.

 Now everyone is getting tickled to death.....laughs and laughs and laughs.  I know one day my kids will have kids and I'm praying they will be good parents.  Being raised around a house full of kids will help teach my children how to take care of their own. I'm so thankful and blessed for what I do and the life I have!!
 After pulling all the masking tape up we just made a big ball and played hot potato with it to finish our day.

I bought these eggs last year on clearance for when we do the transportation week. 
I didn't forget to throw the old candy away either. 

Some of the kids remembered which color comes first at a traffic light.  While the others learned.  Red means stop, yellow....slow down, and green....go.  After they worked on cutting circles out we started a car wash.

Working at the car wash...water, soap, sponges, cars, and a big towel to dry them off.  Alright everyone take their socks off and roll up your sleeves.  So glad we did this because in the first 5 minutes someone pulled the plug and water went everywhere so fast, thank god the big towel was close.

RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT, does anyone know how to play the game?  "NO"  okay lets go over which each color means when we are driving.  Pretend you are in a car and when I say green that means go.  Freeeze when I say red, and be ready to stop when I say yellow.

 Taking our daily trip up the stairs to make lunch.  Kids look forward to this for a little Calliou time. This is our train and we are all chugging away with our arms.