The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beach Cottage in progress

I must love these kids to be working on a work project during the Memorial holiday weekend.  Been looking so forward to having our beach cottage finished.  This will be a work in progress and take quite some time to complete.  So excited to see the finished product.  I went to Gordmas today and filled the shopping cart up with beach decor.  Our turquoise and white cottage will be vinyl sided, shingled roof, shutters on the windows, pillard white porch, and some kind of outdoor curtains.  Need help deciding what to put inside.  Thought of a kitchen but the one I bought is to big so I added it to the backyard.  I do have a small table and 2 chairs so far.  Any suggestions?  We may also get a little rain in here, not sure yet. Also may have a slide to go off the side and havent decided for the ground cover yet.  May invest in a large plastic tube underneath for a tunnel also.

This is our new water wall, the kids have not seen it yet.  They are slowly arriving right now and today they will be so excited to have something new.  I found myself testing the water flow but really I just kept playing with it. Our sand box was running very low on sand so it has been refilled for sand castles, mud pies etc.

I bought this kitchen at a garage sale for the beach cottage.  Well after the walls were up I realized it would leave them with a little space.  I think it will work out just perfect sitting right here along their bike path.  They can stop and order food while they are driving.  I do have a little table and 2 beach chairs to put in the cottage.  Maybe a yoga mat and a few pillows to go along.  I figured anything in the cottage will need to be weather proof.  Not sure, until I figured out the window situation.


First the kids found a bird nest, then another bird nest, then after a blue egg in it and another blue egg.  So now the kids are on an egg hunt for more eggs.  Allen stumbled across a big white egg and got so excited.  The egg was carefully transferred into the gardening pot by the kids and we waited for the egg to hatch.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

ooooey gooooey worms

The faces of the kids when the worms were poured out.... were priceless.  A few had nothing to do with touching them.  The worms were tourchered, stretched apart like elastic, put in cups, and were swung around like a jump rope.  Can't imagine but all the worms survived.  After a day of playing with the worms the kids released them into our garden.

Allen was laughing so hard, I said what was so funny?  He made his sunflower into a bunny first.  FUNNY!

Jordan was getting so frustrated, the beans kept sticking to his fingers because they were so gluey.

Everleigh was so proud of all the beans she piled on her sunflower.  I had to tell her she has plenty because her plate was getting so heavy.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nature Walk

The sun was shining, the temp felt good, and seems we had a long winter.  So decided we should take a nature walk.  Couldn't believe I forgot my camera especially after seeing all the neat things.  I used my broken phone camera thats why the pics are so blurry.  Sorry!!

 Jordan picked up this huge stick, he could barely carry, so Lawrence came to try and help.

The kids discovered a pine cone tree, so we filled up our bag with pine cones and small sticks.  They all carried a big stick, and played with them in the water.  The ducks were all around and also some baby ducks.