The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick Day Fun.................
why was our science exp. sooooo funny!!!!
Everyone used their little nose to smell all
different varieties of potatoes. "That stinks, ewwwww."
"yuck, it has dirt on it"
So they learned potatoes are a fav. food in Ireland.
French Fries also come from potatoes!

We have red, gold, dirty brown, and sweet potato.
They thought I was crazy when I told them to put some
cinnamon and butter on the sweet potato.
The potatoes were rolling all over the table as they
were passing them by.

Make your own creation, that's how they learn

some of those skills.......

White shaving cream with a little green coloring.......

They were making soup, pies, etc....but smelling

like a Mans Barber shop!!! After this they needed

a full wash down.

Jayden and John thought it would be fun to make
snow.............flyin' in the sky.......and all over the place.
Until the eyes couldn't open. It was fun while it lasted.

Why not wash our body while were at it......
If he didn't have pants on, I wonder if his
legs would be green like his arms.
Teagan sure did smell good after he was
all cleaned up.

St. Paddys day lunch on a green plate.
Green peas, green apples, chicken fettuchini, and
garlic bread, along with green milk. The kids drank
all the green milk and asked for more, but never
did they ask for more green eggs!!!!!