The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Throughout the week we made a jaquar, tucan, and a colorful butterfly. All 3 live in the rainforest. Isaiah knew right away why a rainforest is called a rainforest. "Because it rains" There are many more species that live there, frogs, snakes, etc. We also talked about different foods they eat. Then at the end of the week they made a rainforest collage.

What fun it was making the butterflies and painting our hands. There were many different butterfly color patterns.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I had a friend come over today during our circle time so I can get some pics with me and the kids. It is nearly impossible to be able to do this. So I was thankful for the help.

I was watching Anna make people out of paper and write names on it. But I was wondering why she was putting glue stick all over the back of it. She decided to tag chairs! What a brilliant idea. She was laughing at her picture. Anna loves to create her own on paper. Whatever it may be!!! Words, people, etc.

Something new I found at TJ Max. It feels so good to play with! It reminds me of sticky soft dippin dots.


We spent some time on the dry erase boards, working on our letters and writing short words.
After we finished what we were doing Anna went on and is showing the frog and ladybug her words. These are the new pillows for our library.

Anna is reading short words from the book and writing them.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Earlier in the day the kids were fighting and being crazy...I don't know what happened so fast. They usually get along so great. Maybe they were just ready the Valentine party to start, or was it the PJ day? I don't know. Miss Karri needed a time out herself. So I asked everyone to pull something out quietly, be nice to others, and lets have better manners with our friends.

What a concentrating face.

Mallory was so so quiet. She really sat here for awhile and played alone without any bothers. OHHH so peaceful!

Jeremiah is explaining to me about these shooters on his airplane.
It was so nice to have Ashlee help with decorating the table. I really do appreciate it when she helps. The kids had brownies, 3 different types of cookies, cupcakes, capri suns, and a bag full of valentine goodies.

Love the fact that the kids know who's name is who. They were able to drop valentines into each friends bag without asking. We took turns and let one at a time go around the table to deliver the special treat. I tried to take as many pics as possible. It really was enjoyable watching the excitement on their face of either getting something or handing something out.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Playdough is so messy. Isaiah was really trying to pick it out of his pants. I told him no problem just have mom put your pants in the washer and they'll be all clean.

Octopus legs is what they called them. Teagan is making a man, he wanted to use the octopus legs but Isaiah said NO these are for an octopus not a man. So Teagan said okay I'll make a tall man with these sticks. They were both happy.

RED PAINT with pink and white shower sponges.