The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Saturday, May 14, 2011


 Our flower theme is slowly turning into vegetables and gardening.  I set this tray of veggies out we discussed their differences and the kids all know how they grow.  Here shortly the kids will be planting a garden of their own.   
 Each kid was to paint the veggie on paper with the matching color and shape.

Mothers Day

 I decided we are going make something for our mommies that they can eat.  Bundt cupcakes.  I really wanted the kids to do the whole mixing and baking process.  But oh my this took 2 hours from start to finish.  So moms I hope you ate your cupcakes.

 While we waiting for the first batch in the over I made a few of these deserts.  I let the kids dig in to the bowl with the extras.  Look at Allens face and Sydney loved the dip with the strawberries.  We sure did make many messes.

 And the egg cracked but none of it went in the bowl.  Every kid wants to crack eggs.  Glad we practiced this on Easter week.
  Allen and his sneaky fingers...everytime I looked over he was putting choc in his mouth.  lol  He did not want to wait.

 And all the sprinkles come out so fast...but its okay...spread them around.  Im sure the more sprinkles for mom the more special the cupcake is.


 I have a big box of these packing peanuts.  They work great for crafts if you just stick them in a litte water

 The sand table is filled with top soil, flowers, pots, shovels, gloves etc.  Next week I will add seeds.

 We learned about a flower and how it grows.  First you have dirt, then plant a seed.  The seed grows roots the roots grow a stem and the stem grows a flower.

 What better way to end the week than to paint with mud.  The kids shoveled dirt onto their wax paper, added water from the water can and used paintbrushes to squish it all around.  At first they were hesitant but wow what a mess we made with this project.

                                                  "Handful of Flowers"  on yellow felt. 
Can you imagine how long this took?  Everyone had to wash their hands twice first green stem, then colorful flower.