The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Monday, April 5, 2010


So glad to have extra help for the egg hunt.  I remember the days when I loved to hunt for eggs, then I got older and enjoyed hiding them, now I would rather watch the excitement from the other kids. Thank you girls for hiding the eggs.  They really are a big help when they feel like it.  I just keep the same baskets every year for the easter egg hunt.

Had to get this picture to show everyone.  I was wondering why we kept seeing empty opened eggs around the backyard.  Lyli was smart, she didn't want the eggs, just the candy.  This was her basket after the hunt.  She was too busy sitting down eating the candy.  I'm thankful we had extra filled eggs in the house for her.  
Isaiah found a hidden egg in the cone.

"MISS KARRI look at how many eggs I have"
Jeremiah knew exactly what to do.

Yes we have a creative mom.  Jeremiahs mom made these cute butterflies for the kids.
My little bunnies are going home for Easter weekend.



I think the kids would have sat here all day coloring eggs if we had more.  I tried to teach them if they keep them in the color long enough it will get darker and darker.  Sometimes they would have the patience.  If you notice BEAR in Annas lap is also dying eggs.  He likes to join us for circle time also.  Anna even make him his own name tag for his cubbie.

We added a little Easter grass to our painted egg cartons and the kids each took home their eggs.

Thursday, April 1, 2010



We tasted all the jelly beans and as you can see Anna is not liking the pink one.  She said "This is gross"
We took a vote and the most liked jelly bean is the red one (cherry) following that is lemon.
                                  Just had to add this picture in here.  Jeremiah found himself staying busy.


I cut some egg cartons for the kids to paint.  Tommorrow we wil fill them with grass and eggs.

I figured the kids would enjoy filling all the eggs with candy for our Easter Egg Hunt.  Plus now it's going to rain tommorrow, so we are hunting for eggs TODAY!!  They just helped speed the process up. 


PINK PLAYDOUGH AND EASTER BUNNY COOKIE CUTTERS then I added baskets to put their playdough in.

Isaiah and John sat here forever making their Easter basket.  I think Isaiah took at least 30 min to work on this, but they had such a blast laughing and playing, telling jokes and stories. 

                                 The finished Easter Baskets with a little bit of easter grass in the pockets.


Our CUTE Baby Chick

PAINT AN EGG at the easel
But not just any egg.  You have to make an egg with a pattern.

Jeremiah says "I have the best egg pattern"

I bought pink, yellow, and blue marshmellow peeps to paint bunnies with.  They eventually turned to mush and broke apart from being in the paint.  So we had to switch them out with new ones.

Breken is getting so busy with all this messy fun stuff. 

Isaiah probably has the cleanest hands here.  This is because when he washes his hands he fills the sink up all the way then puts his hands in there.  He tells the kids to come watch the water change colors. (From the paint)