The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Having fun at Miss Karris

So I guess Allen came from the snow in the sand and water table to the lego table...Check him out, he is as happy as can be with flour all over him.

 So I thought I would entertain the kids while they were eating their snack.  I became Santa while sitting in a chair by the kids.  They laughed so hard!!  Then later they would mimic me!!

Editable Christmas Trees

 He is already looking guilty!!  Eventually the frosting will be in his mouth, but he is watching me.

 This project was fun, but some needed a little help getting the frosting on there thick for the candy to stay.

 I think Jay was sneaking a few in his mouth....who wouldn't, m&ms, gum drops, and marshmallows.

                                                 O'yah here we go with the frosting, yum!!

 So I suckered into giving everyone a tray with a little bit of candy on it.  Then they thought that was so cool because they didn't have to sit at the table.


                                               They turned out so cute. I hope you all liked these.
 As the presents are coming in from the kids for their gift exchange, the kids surround the tree with excitement and anxiously await till Friday for our Christmas party.  Jay thinks his present is the coolest because it is the only one wrapped in robot paper.

 The kids are making ornament wreaths with their picture to wrap up and give to their parent/s for a present.

 My favorite part...reindeer food.  Everyone has their own bag, a spoon, and a bowl with oatmeal.  I knew it would be messy but it took good hand eye coordination to scoop the oatmeal into a baggie.  Plus  you should have seen the floor when we were done.