The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ending Easter with the EGG HUNT

Thank you to everyone who helped donate candy for our 200 eggs.  The kids all helped fill their eggs but I think I closed about 90% of the eggs for the kids.  Glad that was  

Now do you see who is left to help me.....they slowly started dwindling away one at a time...attention span was gone.....Keaton was the last one to help...Thank U Keaton.


I could not get Everleigh to smile for nothing for this pic. I tried 3 times, this is the best of the 3.

Here we go, bunny faces,, ready to be hoppin through the backyard, looking for some eggs.

Yes there is one person missing from the group pic.  Jordan refused to be in the pic, after trying and trying I gave up.  The kids r ready for the hunt, the eggs are filled with candy, the baskets are ready in the cubbies, now I just need to figure out how Im gonna try to hide 200 eggs while the kids are good and don't peek through the windows.

The hunt is on.........the bunnies are ready...lined up youngest to oldest!

I could not get Lawrence to keep going.....he found his first couple eggs and knew there was candy, so he was in pause mode trying to open the egg and get the candy out.  Then we continued to the next egg and he did it again, eventually he kept picking eggs.

What are you guys thinking when you see this pic?  Sour candy lol

Egg cracking soup kinda day

The messiest day of the week and the kids couldn't wait for it.  While Im putting the eggs in baskets they are singing the bunny foo foo song, everytime it makes them crack up laughing.

Heeeerrrreeee weeeee go.....everyone say Happy Easter before we get started!!

Take a look at Jordans face, he is so amused with the egg soup they are making.  Days like this makes my job a fun place to be.  Most of you dont know how I survive but we really do have good times together.