The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We started the week out by making tooth necklaces.  Noodles + liquid watercolor =white noodles.  Then Teagan added glitter.

                         This is what I got when I asked for silly faces.

               Any kind of smile we can find in out magazines was cut out.  There are moms, dads, and kids with big smiles that we glued.  Then we painted white paint with Qtips around the pics.  Some choose to paint the teeth and pretend like they were brushing them.

 Thank You Teagans mom for bringing dental magazines, stickers, and workbooks for the kids to take home.
                          Jay says "Miss Karri I can not color in the lines, can we do this together?" so yes we colored together.
                                    Jayden was excited he found his way through the maze.
                          We set a egg in soda pop for most of the week.  This was our science experiment to show the kids how when they drink pop or eat unhealthy things what will happen to their teeth if they dont brush.
                       Can't really tell in this picture but our egg turned really brown.
                          So now would our egg (teeth) come out white if we brushed it with toothpaste?

                                                  O yuck the toothpaste is all over my hands.
                        The kids also got floss, toothpaste, toothbush, and one more book. Thank You Angela!!
 Hand cordination....and making patterns.  Seems so simple to line up dominoes excatly perfect so they all fall in line together.  Teagan and I worked on this making snake and circle patterns.  It could be frustrating to line them up.  Of course we wouldn't want the fallin dominoes to stop in the middle.

                     We decided to stack up different sizes of dominoes.  So Teagan is asking which one is the smallest and which is the tallest.

What fun this was on a cold day.  We made a big obstacle course in the basement.  Consisted of jumpin over things, going around objects, and crawling under.

            So this is our daredevil of the bunch, after he jumped over and fell all he could do was laugh!!  You see they are all watching him.  They know what is getting ready to happen.  Jay loves the challenge.
We get two of these book every month for the kids to take home.  This book had a page about mixing colors. 

                                     Red and White = pink

                                Yellow and Red = orange

                                    Red and Blue = purple

                                Thanks to all the parents who helped with our Valentine Party!!

                               Thought these were so cute.  Ice cream cones cupcakes.  Thanks Jeremiahs mom!!