The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt

This was Miss Karris Easter Egg hunt.  I tried a new recipe for a choc turtle cake, ordered cake strips to wrap pan while it baked and realized there was 5 min left on the baking and I forgot the cake strips:(


Thank you to all the parents who donated candy for our egg hunt.  We had a huge bowl full, filled the eggs and had leftovers to add to our baskets. All the kids participated in filling the eggs with candy.  But I had to go back through 230 eggs and refill half of them.  The kids would only put 1 jelly bean or 1 peice of candy in the egg lol  I told them if you find a egg wouldn't you want lots of candy in it haha...they still didn't do it :/


It's time to get to egg crackin....pull your sleeves up, get your partner, and be ready to get dirty.
Your hands will get gooey and slimy.  You can make whatever you wish.  All I ask is that you stay on the yellow paper.

The kids made all kinds of food....we had honey, egg soup, ice cream, etc.