The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I just cut out a bunch of flowers and let them build their own flower for their mom.
After we finished the flowers then we made chocolate covered pretzel sticks, and rolled them in sprinkles.
I didn't think this project would take so long, but it took about an hour and half.  We were behind schedule.   Everyone made a card and had their turn in circle time to tell their friends why their mom is special.  We attached the cute reasons in the card.

-she buys me cookies
-she lets me watch TV 
-she lets me eat dinner and gives me milk 
-she takes me to the park
-she buys me flowers
-she gives me hugs & kisses
-she is nice to me
-gives me chocolate and cupcakes
-loves her so so much
-gives me cereal and PJs
-lets me play

It is always so funny to hear what kids have to say and where their imagination leads them to. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One evening my husband set some windmills in the garden, so the next day when we went outside the kids noticed them right away.  Facinated by them, they were more entertained blowing them then playing with anything else.

I figured I would get the water hose out and give them some chalk.  They went to town for about an hour.  What a blast they had creating their own artwork.  The best part about it, we were outside in the sun, and I got to hose them off when it was all said and done.  So now you know why your kids may have went home a little discolored.   

Here is our garden for 2010!
It's only been 3 weeks and everything is growing so fast.  It did so well last year we added on to it.  Next year we will probably add another box.