The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I just cut out a bunch of flowers and let them build their own flower for their mom.
After we finished the flowers then we made chocolate covered pretzel sticks, and rolled them in sprinkles.
I didn't think this project would take so long, but it took about an hour and half.  We were behind schedule.   Everyone made a card and had their turn in circle time to tell their friends why their mom is special.  We attached the cute reasons in the card.

-she buys me cookies
-she lets me watch TV 
-she lets me eat dinner and gives me milk 
-she takes me to the park
-she buys me flowers
-she gives me hugs & kisses
-she is nice to me
-gives me chocolate and cupcakes
-loves her so so much
-gives me cereal and PJs
-lets me play

It is always so funny to hear what kids have to say and where their imagination leads them to. 

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