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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Changing Weather

We are discussing all types of weather.  During  circle time the kids came up with so many different kinds.  Rain, Sun (Hot), Windy, Rain clouds, tornadoes, snow, thunder and lightning, cold, etc.  Thought it would be a good week since Wichita had a few tornadoes this past weekend.  Blessing that everyone is okay!  
We also have a new weather kit that we put in our garden.  It gives N, E, S, W.  Jay's family lives in Newton so he asked which direction is Newton. :)  

Here are some umbrellas the we painted with water colors and then added a straw.

An update on our gardening pots.  They are growing so fast, it is so exciting.

Okay I really need to get our vegetable bought and planted in our raised garden, I've already weeded and fertilized and its been ready to go. There is so much going on so I am so thankful  the kids will be doing most of the work in the garden.

 Our own little weather chart.  We have the sun, wind, rain, and lightning.

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  1. Maggie talked about how much fun she had this week - she wants to make volcanos at home!