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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Science Experiment

Making volcanoes on a rainy day!!  It would be so nice to live in good weather all year round.  Today has been one of those crazy days! The kids pulled all the chairs to the windows and watched the rain pour ad the thunder roared!!  With all the excitement the kids were so loud.  So we did this experiment but it got even lounder with the ahhhhs and eeeewwws.  This was so cool to them!  So we did this about 6 or 7 times round.  I think we need to add a full week a few times a year of just all science experiments.

All the kids had a chance to smell the stinky vinegar.

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  1. M thought this was so much fun!! She really has a great time with all the wonderful learning projects and experiments that you do with the children!