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Friday, April 6, 2012

Egg Hunt

We are getting ready for our Easter party.  The kids are getting the table together so we can fill it with candy and eggs.  Thank to all the parents!  We had so much candy to fill 200 eggs.  Usually my daughter helps with this every year, but she wasn't here today :(  Instead of stressing out trying to get everything done, I decided to have the kids pour all the candy in the bowl and fill all the eggs.  They did such a good job and enjoyed it.

Some brought baskets and some used bags out of my collection.  I was looking for boy bags but the first bag I pulled was a Hollister bad with a boy and girl kissing,,,oops can't use that one.  So Kadan saw the Hollister bag with just a boy, I know not the best one to pick but he wanted the boy bag. 

The kids are being silly with the bags and baskets, they are so anxious to get outside and hunt the eggs.

Off they go to find as many eggs as they can, the eggs that they all filled.  Ohhh my grass got so high in less that a week after fertilizer and rain...glad the eggs are bright and they stand out in the tall grass.

Surprise Easter lunch!!!

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