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Monday, February 13, 2012


Valentine for a week and half ..this will be a fun week.  The first thing we did is filled the sand table with pink rice & heart shaped containers.  Surprisingly the kids kept most of it in the table.  Yeah for me, even though Beatrice would get the broom out every time she would see rice on the floor. Always nice to have a  helper!

Homemade pink playdough, heart cookie cutters and trays. HM playdough is so much better.  Keep it in a ziploc bag and it last much longer and it's much softer.  Plus you can make it any way you want, colors, scents, or even glitter.

The first couple days we talked about our hearts that beat inside of us.  This is a heart book we made.  We all felt our pulse, talked about the size of our heart, what makes it beat fast or slow, and how to keep it healthy.

Painting with Valentine colors and potato smashers.  The kids really had fun with this, paint was everywhere, the walls, the floor.  Its okay though just need to wash the walls down.  Actually we need them repainted.

Set a table for 2 at a time to make a Valentine!

 I saw this craft idea on another preschool blog but we are still waiting on the results.  They are going to be necklaces.  We are going to attach a long piece of yarn to this pile of yarn after they dry.  If they don't turn out, it was still fun playing in the glitter glue and squeezing the extra off the yarn.

Some are so full of glue and will take forever to dry and some don't have enough glue, this will be interesting.

Shower sponges to paint with.  Why not, its something different.  Kids just don't paint your body with it.

Have you noticed in most of Allen's pics he is making a funny face.. because he loves to get his hands dirty.

Always have wanted one of these sinks.  I'm so thankful to finally have one.  It makes it much easier with messy hands not going across the basement carpet.

Working on our Valentine boxes for our party on Valentines Day!!  The kids will bring Valentine cards to put
in all the little boxes.

Beatrice and Maggie enjoying the new Valentine books on our shelf.
 This is the cutest book and will bring lots of laughs.  The kids luv it!!  Everyone should have this book, and you would have to read it over and over again.

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  1. I can't wait to see your necklace's, they look fun!! I love all your photo's.