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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Valentine Pics

These are the necklaces that I wasn't sure if they would turn out.  They did end up drying.

                            Oh yes Jay is posing for the picture.

Happy Valentines Day to our mommies and daddys!!  Thank you pinterest for the idea.

During our circle time today we talked about the LOVE DAY.  All the kids brought their goodies to our circle and their faces would lite up when they took turns showing what they are putting in the Valentine boxes.

The process took awhile but it was worth it for each kid to match names up and place valentines in each box.

 Ohh no our boxes weren't big enough!!  Wow I couldn't believe all the goodies that the parents help donate to the party.  Not just goodie bags but we had tuns of treats for snacks.  Thank You all so much.  This is so greatly appreciated by myself and the kids were so excited to have a box full.

Jay brought Valentine sacks that he is placing in everyone's cubbies, because there just isn't enough room.  Beatrice is helping, with her motherly instincts.

The cubbies are completely full!!

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