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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dr Suess Birthday

Who is Dr Suess and why are we celebrating him this week?  I filled the library shelf with his books and we talked about why he is so important.  Each day we read a different book and did different activites that related to that book.  Our first one was "Cat in the Hat"

Balancing tea cups on our head like Dr Suess then after we got this down we switched up to balancing silly things, anything you can find and try to put on your head.  Giggles and giggles as the items got more silly.

Silly magazine cut out to make silly people!!


"The Foot Book"  Cold squishy blue paint tickled our feet as we made our foot print.  During our circle time we put all the feet in and counted how many we have all together.  So the funny thing is later when I added the number to the foot paper I put 15 instead of 14.  Lol!!  Oops!!  Okay we will just pretend someone left one foot out.

 After measuring our feet by the inches some kids were interesting in counting and measuring the numbers on the ruler.

One Fish
 Two Fish
 Red Fish
 Blue Fish

"Green Eggs and Ham"
I thought if the kids would experience how the eggs turned green then I would have more of a chance of them eating the eggs.  Yeah it really worked.  Last year they didn't see how and only a few would taste them.   This year everyone ate them except 1.  Our lunch consist of green eggs, ham, green pancakes, oranges and banana.  Soon we will be having a green lunch for St Patricks day.  Still thinking of what we will have.

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