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Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthdays and Birthdays and Birthdays

WOW everyone has a Birthday around the same time.  We are celebrating 2 today, one last week, and it goes on.  Lots of Birthday singing, treats, and party hats.

Happy Birthday Maggie!

So don't ever give the party toys along with choc cupcakes, the toys had choc all over them.  Instead of eating the cupcakes we licked the frosting and had more fun blowing these than eating the treat.

I have had this table in the garage, can't believe its been sitting in there and never thought to put it in the backyard.  I put the table next to the sand box and now they use it to sit at and make sand/mud pies.

"Hi Jay smile big for the camera" before you fall off of there.  The kids like to get as high as they can so they can see the man a couple houses down working on building a gazebo.

Cool looking towers they worked hard at and are so very proud of their work.

Happy Birthday Allen he just turned 3 and he thinks he is just as grown as the 4 year old boys.  Thank You for the cool football homemade cookies.

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