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Monday, March 19, 2012


We spent a week talking about different kinds of birds, what they eat, we also had a few real bird eggs in a nest to look at.  First we made a telescope so when can look for birds through the windows or outside.

 Just had to snap a pic of Allen looking out the window for birds in the sky.

 We took our binoculars outside and I watched Jay as he looked up for anything he could find.  We almost always have geese flying over, but we were out of luck today.  So the weather was nice and I decided while we were outside I can get the garden ready.  So I turned all the dirt with a shovel and the kids and I found tons of baby worms.  Each kid had one or two worms and spent the hour playing with them outside.  The worms went down the slides, played on the tree stumps, rode along in the bikes and even sat on the picnic table.  But sorry kids NO worms are going in the house.

After a few days playing in bird seed, then I added pine cones to make bird feeders.  Covered them with peanut butter and hung a string from them.  But Jay wasn't to excited about this project because for 2 days he talked about that squirrel that ate his bird feeder last year, as soon as he hung it in his tree.  Darn squirrel!!

Another simple bird feeder, cheerios and a pipe cleaner!!  Evie could never finish hers the few times I asked her to finish I would keep finding her under the table eating the cheerios. LOL

Bird nest with a few baby birds and some colorful feathers!

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