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Monday, February 13, 2012

Math Skills

I found this stuff at TJ Maxx.  Its real cool, play with it like playdough but looks like dippin dots.  The best part about it, no playdough mess to clean up.

 Jay was building the whole city up with animals, and this occupied him for a looonnggg time.

 Creative kids, taking the ramps from our block center and using them for a high chair while playing house.

 Purple, Green, and Blue!!!  I set out 3 plates of different things by color.  They had to match the word BLUE with blue objects, etc. Then I had the kids count which column had the most objects.

Counting how long the caterpillar is, making sure you get every color circle, and add a face and legs.

We filled a few bags up with noodles and liquid water color to make colored noodles.  Spread them out on a papertowel let them dry and then glue the right amount of noodles to each number in each box.

Circle Time Pledge!!  Part of our everyday routine!!

  As you can see Barron was having a party in the kitchen area. One of his favorite centers to be.

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