The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Red Yellow and Orange

Match each color in the right column.

This is their tow truck, they love doing this and take the other kids on rides.  We just tie the bikes together with a jump rope. But its not easy if one of the girls wants to drive, the boys seem to have stronger legs to pull another bike and passenger.

Beatrice was struggling so Miss Karri gave her pushes, you know Evie didn't wanna stop she was having a good time riding in the back.

Allen's sister Sydney was here in the summer.  After school had started I heard him calling her name, when I looked over he was having a conversation with her on the phone.  Would have been cute if we all heard what he was saying.

Michaels had a couple hard puzzles on clearance that I picked up.  Jay challenges himself almost everyday with this transportation one.  It was hard, but he is getting much better at it.

Circle time,,,where it gets really loud on ABC,s or counting, or even days of the week song.

Evie wanted to teach circle time after I finished.  So here she is singing her ABC's but pointing at the days of the week.  I loved listening to her sing.  Just shows they enjoy their circle time.

Allen was in a hugging mood, but only with Breken. But Breken enjoyed it, they walked around the room inseparable.

They girls were going around the room with the binoculars looking at different things.  They were all dressed up.

The Peanut Game.  Roll the dice whatever # you land on then fill your peanut bag with that # of peanuts.

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