The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Thursday, September 22, 2011

UPS delivered new stuff for us.

I think I was just as excited as the kids when the UPS guy rang the doorbell.  I couldn't open the box fast enough so I just let them bang on it for a quick minute.  I realized the box was to high on the table so I put it  on the floor, can u imagine crazy kids, trying to open the box, and snapping pics all at the same time. I wonder how I do this....PATIENCE!!!

Okay here we go I cut the box open.  It is really quiet right now.....

and now its loud and crazy....they are seeing toys, bubble wrap...OMGosh.....dinosaurs.....

music instruments

okay Allen had enough he joined Jay with this turned into a slide.

No the control is gone, but who cares there is lots of laughter, excitement, and lots of "Miss Karris"

So some of the kids are still enjoying seeing what else is in the smaller boxes that were in the big box.  They found little houses for cars to go in for our block center. These are really neat.

okay we discovered the bubble wrap and the snaps it makes.  The room is toning down a little bit. Maggie and Breken are so focused.

Allen found a box just his size.  I really don't know how he fit, but he even shut the lid and was just cracking up laughing at himself.  Wow the box is free....haha....

He is still keeping busy with this box that is now ripped up from him falling over.

Another side ways pic that needs to be fixed.  Jay opened the sky scraper blocks and was immediately building a skyscraper. 

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