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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Halloween Crafts

So after a long process and finally getting to the apple store in Las Vegas I have been able to retrieve everything on my phone that went black.  In the short amount of time I had before my phone actually went black again I had backed everything up thank God.  I lucked out and phone still had warranty so I saved $149.
But I would have paid it to get all the pics back.
So here are the last pics of Halloween and the last day of Fire Prevention.

We brought the laptop to circle time today and watched  kids Halloween songs on Youtube.

Would you like to have a sad, mad, or happy pumpkin?  Just adjust your paper mouth to what you like best.  We have some with lots of teeth, some with teeth outside the mouth, and some with a loose tooth lol

The kids were so excited that I had just filled the bookshelf with Halloween books.
Why does Miss Karri have the most Halloween books out of all the holidays :/
I must say though we did have a fun couple weeks with all the things you can do at Halloween.

I figured if we used regular paint you wouldn't be able to see the black lines so we used water colors to help define the faces.

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