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Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Party

This week has not been the best for me.  I use my phone for all the kids pics and just a few days ago right before our Halloween theme is over,, my phone went black.  So needless to say all our Halloween pics for the last couple weeks are in my phone but unable to transfer as well as contacts. I've spent the last 3 nights at sprint trying to fix the problem.  The phone works but the screen doesn't. After tears and tears my last hope is going to the Apple store to have them open the phone and fix the screen.  It will be 2 weeks before I can get to one.

Here are pics from our Halloween party today and hopefully I will be able to upload more pics in a couple weeks.

Don't let this happen to you and please backup your stuff.  I've lost hundreds of pics on my phone, not just the kids pics either.

What really stinks is our Haunted House is Monday and I use many pics to refer back to.

We did a pumpkin experiment this morning before our party.  What size is the pumpkin, do you think it will float or sink, what did it do, how many lines does it have, is it short or tall?

Pin the nose on dracula!

Let's do the mummy wrap!

And ohhhhh what can we do with all this toilet paper,,,,I heard snowballs, lets cover people up, and just throw it up in the air.  It entertained us for awhile and I heard lots of laughs.

Thank You to everyone is helped donate goodies, the kids had plenty.  Also had a parent bring pizza to go with their party.

She is looking for the marshmallow in the middle of her cupcake.

After lunch we danced to Halloween music and filled the dance floor with fog from the fog machine, sang a few halloween songs, and read a few Halloween books.

Its almost time for the kids to wake up, our party day will be finished off playing with orange balloons and Halloween kids music.  Parties are always long days but Miss Karri survived another year. Whohoo lol
It makes it all the better when Gryffyn says" Miss Karri this is the best day ever:)"

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