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Monday, November 28, 2016

Cornucopias/Fall pics/Feast Table set up

Before we started this Fall tree project we took a morning walk in the cool air to gather leaves of all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors.

Our finished product and what fun it was to get so dirty with the brown paint.

The kids are always so funny when it comes to asking "What are you thankful for?"
Because when the first kid says "I'm thankful for my dog then all the sudden everyone has a dog that they are thankful for. But I did have one that didn't say dog......she said cat lol and she really does have one though.

As  we prepare for our Thanksgiving feast we made our hats a day earlier since our feast is so time consuming.

The day before Thanksgiving and it's time for us to cook and set the tables for our own feast. The kids could hardly wait for this day.  I was thankful to have mom in town and help the kids and I with all the cooking.  Of course when you have 1 kid in the kitchen it always takes longer.  Well imagine 10 prepping all of it took a few hours. But its so worth the time because we are creating memories they will not forget.

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