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Monday, November 28, 2016

Cooking Our Thanksgiving Feast!

Please excuse my mess in the background.  I started pulling Christmas presents out to see what we have had packed up.

Everyone had a chance to open, stir, pour, sprinkle, and mix. Ohhhhh and they are so excited right now.  Thank you to everyone that helped with our Feast.  They just didn't bring something to cook they told all their friends what they were bringing because they were so excited to have mom or dad be part of helping.

Im taking a vote!!!  What do you think they ate?
Turkey, roll, ice cream and they loved the sparkling punch.  Of course some ate other things but the majority ate that.  This is pretty much the routine every year, they cook but don't really eat it.  If they ate yams its because they were marshmallows on it lol

Hmmm this will be interesting to see how many of them can hold their plates up before they tip.
I think we only lost 1 plate.

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