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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day

I wanted to kids to make something with art but at the same time, the parents could actually use it.  I found these bowls on a website and thought I would attempt to help 10 kids with this.  Ahhh not an easy project to do and everyone really needed extra help.  But I couldn't wait for the finished project, I knew they would be beautiful.  Water and flour mixed, and brown paper sacks cut into strips.  I covered all the bowls in saran wrap so the mache popped right off. After a few layers they dried for a few days.  Then I cut off the extras around the rim. Ready for acyrilic paint.

 The kids were making all kinds of noises as they were playing in the messy mache.  It always so fun getting our fingers and hands dirty.

Your bowls would have turned out like these if I didn't go back and finish putting more layers on them. Atleast now the bowls have no holes and you can use them to put candy or something in.

After 24 hours in the house, I set them outside to dry to speed up the process.

Keaton will be starting school this fall.  He is my dinosaur man and a very good artist at drawing one.

Hmmmm what could we put in the bowls?  Cookies, choc chip cookies.  All the mommas like cookies
So everyone had their turn of measuring and pouring the ingredients in the bowl.

Aaaannnnnd our finished product. Paper mache bowls with choc chip cookies. Hope you guys enjoyed!

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