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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Our secret garden is now complete.  I layed a tarp down before I poured lots of top soil
in our garden.  We also added gloves, shovels, muffin tins, planting pots, watering cans, fake flowers, rocks, aprons, bug houses etc.

Next to our secret garden will be a beach cottage.  The process has been started and hoping to complete soon.  Please ignore the black cord they hung on the fence.  Actually came to mark yard today to bury the line.  Also thinking I need some vine growing on the lattice and a few stepping stones.

I don't watch the babies, but a special request for a day of a sibling I've had for years. She actually was good and enjoyed munchin on her little snack outside on the blanket.  We all love the beautiful days outside.

I have these big tree stumps that I can't keep in the rocks.  The kids look under them everyday for rollie pollies, so I gave up trying to set them up for walking across em.

Picked up a bird feeder for the kids to fill and hang in the tree.  Within a week all the food was gone. We filled it again and now the kids keep an on it.  They also found a bird nest in one of the climbing toys and look what it has, a blue egg, a robin egg.  How exciting!!  We are not allowed to touch it and all patiently waiting to watch what happens.

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  1. MH's favorite - The Secret Garden!! She looks forward to playing in it!!