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Thursday, September 5, 2019

My Office

My preschool is run out of the basement.  This room is the extra bedroom I was able to take over after all the kids officially left home.  There are more pics at the bottom of these smore basket pics.  In the big tubs I have all my tracing worksheets, math, literacy, scholastic, extra project ideas for that month, and any other types of papers.  The colorful bins in the middle are all my laminated Pocket of Preschool items for themes during that month.  Those containers are FULL.
The large dramatic play bins are full of props. The colorful drawers have Question of The Day, Science, Labels for toys/manipulatives, Writing center words, Stew game bag items, and laminated cards for the I Can Build Wall in block center.

 Here is October dramatic play bin, for the fire station set up.

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