The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


 This is our part of our new unit... Stew games...we have like 30 different themes.  You have to count out the objects on the laminated card. Once you have counted out and placed the items then there is a song in the middle of the bowl that they can sing along to while they are whipping up their stew.  After words then you count your items back out into the tray.
 We added all different kinds of cakes and deserts, mixing bowls, eggs, etc to our dramatic play.

 Birthday laminated letter cards.

The orange bowl is full of candles to place on the number cupcake.

Happy Birthday candles that didn't end up lasting very long lol

 Sand table filled with party trinkets, bowls, cut up straws, candles, number candles, and krinkled paper.
 I cut and laminated the whole alphabet in these cupcake shapes.  I only set out a few for them to dot the ones they can locate on both the paper and the tray.

 Red set roll....roll the dice and dot the number you rolled.

Rotating table toys for the morning time.
 Writing Center with interchangeable writing cards depending on the theme.

 Pick a present write the number in your box, add that many candles and make your cake marvelous.
 Our pet area with dog bones and fake dog food.

 Table time

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