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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Today SANTA comes!!!!!

We have a big secret around here and no one knows.....Santa is coming!
While waiting for Santa to come and park his sleigh we played life size candy land.  You will see as you scroll through the group pics when they hear Santa ringing his bells and walking down the stairs.

These are coasters I made for all the parents and a jar of salsa.  I think I ended up making 60 between my grandkids and a niece and nephew.
I also want to thank all my parents that brought a special xmas gift to our home. It feels good to know I am appreciated for the things I (Brian) do to make our home a better place for the children.   I really feel fortunate to have you guys support me in such a challenging field sometimes.  It really does make my job more rewarding.

The stuffed backpacks Santa brought for the kids.

Santa should be coming down any minute so we are singing Christmas songs to stall the time.

After Santa leaves we head back downstairs to open our gift exchange gifts.  I wasn't exactly thinking when I set up Candy land with our space for other things.

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