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Monday, May 15, 2017

We All Love FOOD!!

Ever wonder what your kids eat when they are not with you? Well here are some of their meals.
I do have to say though, when I make homemade spanish rice they love it and make the biggest mess ever.  Its worse than spaghetti.  We don't always do family style meals but here we are.  Some of their servings of rice are huge lol

He wanted his whole plate with rice lol
We also keep paper plates on hand for those days when I'm either running behind, having a rough day, or have so much to do.... so trying to eliminate washing plates on a crazy day.

Soooo do you think they like the rice?
Another reason why I don't prefer family style.....I had 2 spilled milk cups while they are trying to get another serving.  The cups are just in the way.

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  1. And when I ask London what was for lunch, she says "nothing". pfft Haha!