The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Friday, December 30, 2016


We can't forget to make all of Santa's reindeer food so they have enough energy to make it all around the world and a little glitter that makes them fly even faster.

The kids are having their circle time right now listening to a Christmas story....little do they know... Santa is about to come and ring his bells upstairs and echo through the house HO HO HO.

Surprise Its did he know we were having our Christmas Party....he is MAGIC!!

She was not to fond of Santa....specifically told me I don't want to sit on his lap....well half way through she was standing in front of Santa and could hardly wait for her name to be called....guess what....she hopped right on his lap with a big smile :)

Santa brought all the kids a backpack filled with goodies and a candy cane after they told him what they wanted for Christmas.  I love this always brings tears to my eyes to see the excitement on all their faces....knowing all the hard work and organizing paid off.  Santa left out the front door and the kids asked to see the reindeers but I told them we had more gifts to open let's go!!  Santa magically changed and then left to get pizza for our pizza party after the gifts.  Such a busy day but well worth it.

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