The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Monday, April 18, 2016

Rocking Robin Tweet Tweet

It's always fun when bird week comes along in the spring and we take home our own birdfeeder. I thought about putting worms in our sand table but I will wait for bug week.  The bird seed was a hit. You really know when you have bird seed all over the floor everyday of this week.  

Our table has birds, real and fake nests, egg carton houses, and containers to fill with bird seed.  At the end of the week the kids all participated in filling the bird feeder for our school.  Right along with the bird feeder we hung a birdhouse and within a week the birds have ate quite a bit of the food and we also discovered a nest in the birdhouse.  Exciting!!!

Build your own bird nest on a mirror or in a basket or a bowl with sticks, feathers, and grass.
We have a couple sample nest and one has real bird eggs in the nest that we keep in the jar.

Our backyard birdfeeder.

YES Miss Karri loves cleaning helpers:)) even though the bird seed gets spread more lol

Total concentration when the tongue hangs out like this :)

Would you believe it if I told you the Saturday after our bird week we found this just along the side gate path hiding under this yucca plant. 4  DUCK EGGS!! WOW how exciting for the kids when they came back on Monday.  So we spent our circle time watching hatching videos of ducks, chicks, and the kids wanting to watch snake eggs hatch.  Interesting.

The kids ages 3 and up are really doing good following instructions from the dry erase board on how to draw something.  The birds are stacked on top of each other and so colorful.  One of the boys learned how to draw the bunny so I know he has drawn at least 10 bunnies to hand out to people, he was so excited.


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