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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Merry Christmas in Feb :( I didn't realize I never posted the rest of our Christmas pics.  The other pics were from my phone and these were on my camera.  So until I downloaded the pics I didn't know these were on there....ahhhhh!!!
Our home is really crazy from beginning of October till the new year.  I dont know how we do it but we survive. We have so much going on with the all the holidays, family, our kids and trying to make sure I have everything for the 10 preschoolers.  When I grow older I will have to slow down but for now I enjoy every bit of it from the haunted house to Santa coming.
So here are a few of our crafts we did and our parent canvas gifts that the kids help wrapped.  This was special for them to put under their tree and hold the secret until Christmas Day.

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