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Friday, April 11, 2014


We spent the week camping but the kids really thought we were going to pack the car up and really go camping.  On Monday we made a list of what we would need to go camping. 
Hammer and nails
Blankets and pillows, stuffed animal
Tent, radio, books
Food, Marshmallows, hot cocoa
Sticks, wood, rocks
Fishing pole, life jacket, clothes, toothbrushes.

Our first project for our trip would be a campfire.

Our last day of camping we had a marshmallow disaster over the campfire and hot dogs on the grill.  I purchased the really big marshmallows and I think they were more of a hassle then the smaller ones.  Every kid enjoyed roasting their own but when it was time to eat......a few bites and they were done.  But ohhhhhhh what a mess we had on our fingers and faces, and some jackets.  Sticky all over.

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