The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A start to Easter week

Everleigh has filled our bookshelf with Easter books. After asking the girls to smile this is the smile I got from Emma :)

This conversation seems to be so deep.

 First the vest, then the hat, and then he said "Watch me Miss Karri play baseball."

 Q tip painting...Easter eggs

Working on scissor skills, sometimes can be so complicated to go in circles.

The wreaths are going to be made out of paint swatches.  I think I cut eggs out for an hour!

I posted the word "Easter" on the board so the kids can write it on their Easter card and then decorate with Easter stickers.

 Painting with peeps

Our ending results of the peeps, soggy, sugary, and mushy!

I labeled the eggs with lower case and the egg carton with upper case for the kids to match.

 Playing doctor with the babies and Easter baskets

 Crazy pic faces from the girls

Counting jelly beans.

Making Easter baskets with a baby chick.  The kids will pick out the grass and fill with eggs.

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