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Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Animals

Learning about different winter animals....polar bears, penguins, sea otters, winter dogs, whales, etc
We are playing a game with hoola hoops.  The kids are the penguins waddling around on the icebergs which are the hoola hoops and the carpet is the cold cold water.

 Allen is swimming through the cold water.

 Our winter animal habitat with icebergs, water, and penquins.

Step into our cold igloo and u can imagine living like the winter animals.

ICEBERGS with kosher salt

Our circle board about penquins and the kids also watched a few youtube videos about polar bears and penguins.

Our puffy paint polar bears were made out of shaving cream and glue, equal amounts.

Dorians last day at home before he goes back to his college dorm for the new semester.
Of course he had to get the kids all wild, but they were laughing so hard.  The kids really connect to Dorian like a big brother.

Ohh what fun musical chairs can be.  Some of the kids laugh at themselves when they get out, but some of them really have a hard time.  Arms are crossed, the face frowns, they run away sometimes.  But its all worth the giggles of running around the chairs and dancing to the music.

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