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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rock Climber

Here is one of our items we thankfully received on a grant.  It is the rock climber from Step 2. I must say this would b a great investment.  In the beginning the kids struggled climbing up the sides but now they sit on the top of it, stick their feet through the top hole and jump down on the platform.  Not so easy for the the little ones.  Everyday is a race to the rock to see who is climbing up the sides first.  Today Jay was sitting on the very top of it and yelling to all the neighbors "Who wants to buy ice cream or pizza?

We have another $300 to spend for physical activity and we will be purchasing the climb through caterpillar in September when funds are disbursed.  

 Our temps have been triple digits for quite some time now.  Pop Pop popsicles to cool us down.

Fathers Day

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