The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Shaving cream used as snow. The most fun and messy thing you can do for a dollar.  We made roads and drove the cars through the snow.  The shaving cream cleaned the table and the room smelt so good the rest of the day.

Thank You Pete for getting a wall mount sink for the messy hands.  Thank You Dayna for finding a faucet at a garage sale for just a few dollars.  We all love our new sink and its just in the right spot.

 Our sand and water table filled with toilet paper that I saved from our Halloween party.  We had used this for the mummy wrap game.  The kids pondered on it for awhile wondering how we were gonna turn the toilet paper into snow.

 I told the kids if they just lick the marshmellow then it would stick to the paper.  Well it worked but some would still fall off.  Jay couldn't figure out why his marshmellows wouldn't stay to the paper and not to his finger.  Well he had smashed them so flat that they were gooey and stuck to his finger.

 I supervised them all while they added white ivory soap snow flakes with the shredder to help our  experiment turn into snow.  I remember when I first was living on my own and use to buy this soap.  Oh gosh the smell is terrible and reminds me of back then, but the kids seemed to not mind.
                                 There goes the water one cup at a time.  Can you only imagine the gloop it turned into.

  So mushy ohhhh but so fun.  We squeezed the toilet paper till all the water ran out between our fingers, we threw it around in the table, made snowballs, snow cones, or just piles cause we loved how it felt.  The kids played in here for a good hour.

Then all the socks had to go in the dryer in order for us to play outside in the beautiful January weather.

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