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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just wanted to share the other part of my life beside my career.  These two that keep me going in life, keep me motivated, keep me busy, and they never let me slow down.  I started my childcare at home when my son was 1, now he is 18.  There was a quite some time when I was not updating my blog due to a very long and hard divorce.  Some days I didn't know how to even function.  But the most important thing is I'm still working.with kids and still enjoying everyday I have to spend with my own 2 children while there still here.  Just recently my son ended his last year of being a captain for high school soccer and ended up with a full soccer scholarship.  I am so proud it brought tears to my eyes.  Now my daughter has started her first year of high school and will be working toward achieving the same kind of goal. 

                                            These two, Dorian and Ashlee are best friends!!

                                                                     Christmas Eve

                              Committing to Allen CC along with a few friends and the soccer coach.
                          Yeah... so proud, but yet so sad for him to go start his new life in the big world.
Last high school soccer game for my son.

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